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Locksmith Etobicoke

Rekey Locks

Each time you are in need to rekey locks in Etobicoke, our company can help. Just a place a call to our staff and let a rep set up a service appointment for you. We serve the entire Etobicoke area in Ontario with the intention of helping people keep secure properties. Rekeying locks is the inexpensive way of dealing with minor issues and preventing major ones.Rekey Locks Etobicoke

The essence of rekeying locks is key change. The service is necessary when keys are stolen or lost. It is important to rekey the locks of your property when you just move in or a co-tenant moves out. It’s also a vital service when a tenant from an apartment moves out or an employee is dismissed without returning the key. In all cases, the key can become a problem since it might be used for an intrusion. With prompt services and expert techs, Locksmith Etobicoke can prevent such trouble.

Call us to arrange a fast lock rekey service

Aware of the potential dangers entailed from lost keys, our company arranges emergency lock rekey service in Etobicoke. Call us the minute your key gets lost or stolen. A pro will assist you in a timely fashion. The local locksmiths will also help promptly should you want to rekey locks to prevent a headache by an ex-spouse, tenant or worker.

Fully prepared with key replacement products and the right tools, the techs can change the pins of the cylinder lock along with the key. They cut the new key with precision and test it to the rekeyed lock.

The locksmiths can also install a master key system

We are also here to arrange keying services. That’s when the customer is in need of a commercial, office, or residential master key system. There are many variations of such systems depending on the security needs of each building but the personal convenience of the users is also taken into account.

Depend on our company to make prompt arrangements and only send out expert pros to handle your service needs. Call us now if you want to rekey locks in Etobicoke rather urgently.