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Locksmith Etobicoke

File Cabinet Locks

Despite the service you may need for file cabinet locks in Etobicoke, Ontario, put your trust in our company. It’s not just that we are ready to cover all local lock service needs; it’s mostly that we have experience with all file cabinet lock types and their services. And so, any job – even extracting a stuck file cabinet key from the lock – is done with the caution, thoroughness, and diligence expected.

At Locksmith Etobicoke, we are fast, affordable, experienced, and ready to take action. Should we talk about your file cabinet lock & your service needs in Etobicoke?

Installation and replacement of file cabinet locks in Etobicoke

File Cabinet Locks Etobicoke

Replacing old, damaged, or outdated file cabinet locks in Etobicoke takes a call or message to our company. How fast do you need the service? Do you know what locks will be best for your cabinet or could use some help? Are we talking about a new installation and a need to find the most suitable possible new file cabinet locks? In spite of your case, turn to our team. Whether you want file cabinet locks replaced or installed, be sure of the service’s thoroughness.

Rekeying file cabinet locks

Assuming the lock of your cabinet can be rekeyed, you can have the lock rekeyed quickly should the key go missing. Of course, you can book a locksmith to rekey file cabinet locks so that they will be operated by a master key – if you have a master key system.

Making file cabinet keys

Need service for the key? Perhaps, a replacement key? File cabinet keys to replace the existing ones due to damage? Is your key stuck or broken inside the lock and must be removed and replaced? Want a spare key? Despite the case, contact us and trust our team with any service for file cabinet keys.

Unlocking stuck file cabinets

Is your file cabinet locked and won’t open? Can’t find the key and need the cabinet unlocked? Any problem with the cabinet’s key or lock may keep you from opening it and having access to your files. If you need it unlocked, let us know.

Also, contact us if you experience the exact opposite – being unable to lock the cabinet. In this case, the files and any other content of the cabinet will be broadly accessible. Have no worries. A pro will be there shortly to assess the situation and will be ready to handle problems and complete any needed service on Etobicoke file cabinet locks.